humour entries

ADD 1 TO COBOL GIVING COBOLEl Camino BignumMurphy's Law
AI koanElecting a Popenanoacre
any keyEOUnastistical
April Fool's Jokeeraser stains codeneighborhood bike code
asbestos cork awardEric Conspiracynewsfroup
asbestos longjohnsExcalibur bugNinety-Ninety Rule
as sensible as a dictionaryfat electronsnotspot
attoparsecfear-driven developmentnotwork
autopilot codeFermat's Last PostNP-hilarious
backward combatabilityFinagle's LawNP tricky
baklava codefine adjusterobjectfuscated code
banana problemFISH queueObjectionable-C
barnacle codeFlash Lights Impressivelyohnosecond
Bastard Operator From HellFlyspeck 3Outside Awareness Port
Bend Over, Here It Comes AgainfriodePEBCAK
Berzerkeleygarbageabetical orderplug and pray
Big RoomGarbage In, Garbage OutPokémon exception handling
block transfer computationsghetto codePretty Amazing New Stuff
BloombuggilleyPrisoner of Bill
Blue Screen of DeathGodwin's LawProgrammer Brain Damage
bogometerGreen's TheoremProgrammer's Cheer
bogo-sortHalt and Catch Firepsyton
BOHICAhate-driven developmentravioli code
brain fartHiggs BugsonReal Programmer
Branch and HangHindenbugReal Programmers Don't Use Pascal
Branch on Chip Box Fullhydra codeReal Soon Now
cargo cult programmingICBM addressrefuctoring
chug reportInfinite Monkey Theoremrusty memory
Church of the SubGeniusINTERCALsame-day service
code policeIOsausage code
cokebottleJargon Filescar tissue code
COME FROMJEDRscratch monkey
considered harmfulJenga Codeshrug report
continental driftkicking dead whales down the beachsmoke-emitting diode
Conway's LawLambada-Calculussmug report
counterbugLERSod's Law
cut-and-waste codelight-emitting resistorspaghetti inheritance
cyberchondriaclike nailing jelly to a treespaghetti with meatballs code
cyberrhealion foodsquare-headed girlfriend
cyberspasticlmgtfy.comstringly typed
dancing frogload-bearing printfSwiss Army Code
debugging an empty fileLoch Ness Monster Bugsystem mangler
dinosaurs matingLubarsky's Law of Cybernetic EntomologyUFO bug
doctype decorationmagic smokeunary
Don't do that then!Marginal HacksUnicorny
Dorito Syndromemaximum Maytag modeUser Brain Damage
drug reportMCSEUse the Source Luke
DSUmemory fartsUTSL
Dwarf Storage UnitmickeyWindows 94
eat flaming deathmillihelenWorld-Wide Wait
Egyptian bracketsMinesweeper, Chess, Solitaire Expertwrite-only memory