library entries

accept     ALPAK     A Tools Integration Standard     BioMeDical Package     Camelot Library     CERNLIB     cfortran.h     CLHEP     CLX     connect     copybook     DLL     Dynamically Linked Library     Dynix     forms     fprintf     General Activities Simulation Program     gensym     GNU C Library     Graph Algorithm and Software Package     GTK+     Hungry ViewKit     Internet Foundation Classes     LessTif     libg++     library     Library of Efficient Data types and Algorithms     Mei     msgGUI     .NET framework     Online Computer Library Center, Inc.     Online Public Access Catalog     Open Graphics Library     Open Telecom Platform     OTP     printf     QuickDraw     run-time library     San Francisco     Scheme Library     SDI     Selective Dissemination of Information     The Dojo Toolkit     Windows Open Service Architecture