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abduction; algebra; AND; axiom; Axiom of Choice; Axiom of Comprehension; axiom schema; Boolean; Boolean algebra; Boolean logic; Charme; classical logic; clause; combinatory logic; complement; complete inference system; complete theory; Conjunctive Normal Form; connective; converse; definite clause; definite sentence; DeMorgan's theorem; equational logic; exclusive or; first-order logic; Giuseppe Peano; Gottlob Frege; Horn clause; iff; implies; induction; inference; inference rule; intuitionistic logic; intuitionistic probability; Lambada-Calculus; lemma; logic; logical complement; modal logic; most general unifier; NAND; natural deduction; neutrosophic logic; neutrosophic probability; neutrosophic set; NOT; OR; paraconsistent probability; paradox; predicate logic; proof; proof theory; proposition; propositional logic; quantifier; resolution; schema; sentence; SLD resolution; sound; sum of products; symbolic logic; tautological probability; tautological set; tautology; temporal logic; truth table; two-valued logic; Universal algebra;