messaging entries

address bookaltalt.sources
Andrew Message SystemannoybotAutomated Retroactive Minimal Moderation
barfmailBlind Carbon Copybtoa
channel opchatCIX
CMCComputer Mediated Communicationdiscussion group
distributiondup loopelectronic magazine
electronic mailelectronic mail addresselectronic meeting
elmEMBLA Proemoticon
flameflame baitflame on
flame warforumforward
g filehopHotline
Hotline ConnectHotmailImminent Death Of The Net Predicted!
inewsInternet Message Access ProtocolInternet Relay Chat
ircopJava Message ServiceKeyboard Commando
Keyed-Hashing Message Authenticationletterbombline eater
ListservLocal Mail Transfer Protocollurking
mailmail bombmailbox
mail bridgemail exchangerMail Exchange Record
mail explodermail filtermail gateway
mailing listmail merge.mailrc
mail servermail user agentMail Users' Shell
MajordomomasqueradingMCI Mail
Message Digest 5Message Handling SystemMessage Transfer Agent
Messaging Application Programming InterfaceMicrosoft ExchangeMicrosoft Mail
MTAMulti-channel Memorandum Distribution FacilityMultimedia Messaging Services
newsgroup.newsrcnews reader
nnNNTPNSA line eater
parent messagePOP3post
Post Office Protocolprimary management domainProfessional Office System
pull mediapush mediaRFC 1081
RFC 1321RFC 1341RFC 1521
RFC 1568RFC 1730RFC 1756
RFC 2045RFC 2046RFC 2047
RFC 2048RFC 2049RFC 2060
RFC 2061RFC 821RFC 822
Riordan's Internet Privacy Enhanced MailRMAILSecure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
sendmailsendmail.cfShort Message Service
signaturesig quoteSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMSsnail mailsource route
spamspelling flamespim
store and forwardsubscribetalk
Thunderbirdtopic drifttopic thread
TwitterUnique ID ListingUnix to Unix Copy
UsenetVIMvoice mail
web mailWindows Messagingwindows messaging
wormhole routingX.400X.409