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3DO     802.11g     AAP DTD     Abstract Syntax Notation 1     Advanced Configuration and Power Interface     Advanced RISC Computing Specification     Advanced Technology Attachment     Advanced Technology Attachment Interface with Extensions     AFNOR     AIR     A-law     American National Standard     American National Standards Institute     American Wire Gauge     Analytical Solutions Forum     ANSI C     ANSI Minimal BASIC     ANSI X12     ANSI Z39.50     Application Integration Architecture     assigned numbers     ATX     Basic Encoding Rules     Basic Multilingual Plane     BER     big-endian     Binary Compatibility Standard     Bluetooth     British Standards Institute     Broadway     Bureau International des Poids et Mesures     Call-Level Interface     Canonical Encoding Rules     Case Integration Services     CCS     CENELEC     Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol     CIM     CIS     CLI     coded character set     Common Command Set     Common Information Model     Common Intermediate Format     Common Object Request Broker Architecture     Communication and Network Riser     Computer Aided Detector Design     Conferencing over IP     connector conspiracy     Coordinated Universal Time     Cougar     country code     Data Interchange Standards Association     Desktop Management Interface     DICOM     Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications     Digital Signature Standard     DISA     display standard     Distributed Queue Dual Bus     Document Type Definition     DOD-STD-2167A     DoD-STD-2168     EIA-232     EIA-232C     EIA-422     EIA-423     EIA-449     EIA-485     EIA-530     Electronics Industry Association     Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code     Extended Industry-Standard Architecture     Extensible HyperText Markup Language     Federal Information Processing Standards     Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop     Filesystem Hierarchy Standard     FIR     Formatting Output Specification Instance     Fresco     Government OSI Profile     Graphical Kernel System     Greenwich Mean Time     Gunning Transceiver Logic     H.261     H.264     H.323     High-Definition Multimedia Interface     High Performance Parallel Interface     High Performance Serial Bus     Home Phoneline Networking Alliance     HTML+     Hypertext Markup Language     IEEE 488     IEEE 802     IEEE 802.1     IEEE 802.3u     IEEE 802.3z     IEEE 802.4     IEEE Floating Point Standard     I-Link     Industry Standard Architecture     Infrared Data Association     International Atomic Time     International Core War Society     International Electrotechnical Commission     International Organization for Standardization     International Standard     International Telecommunications Union     Internet Engineering Task Force     Internet Foundation Classes     Internet Inter-ORB Protocol     Internet Research Steering Group     interworking     IrDA Control     IrDA Data     IS     IS-11172     IS-13818     ISO 8859     ISO 8879     ISO 9660     ISO 9735     Joint Photographic Experts Group     Joint Technical Committee     Joliet     JTC     language code     lock-in     Message Handling System     Moving Picture Experts Group     MPEG-1     MPEG-2     MPEG-21     MPEG-2.5 audio layer 3     MPEG-2 AAC Low Profile     MPEG-2 audio layer 3     MPEG-2 Low Sampling Frequencies Extention     MPEG-2 Multi Channel Extention     MPEG-3     MPEG-4     MPEG-4 AAC Main Profile     MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding Scalable Sampling Rate     MPEG-4 Harmonics, individual lines and noise     MPEG-4 Harmonic Vector eXCitation     MPEG-7     MPR II     Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group     MZ     National Database Language     Network Device Interface Specification     NLX     OLAP Council     OLE for Process Control     Open DataBase Connectivity     Open Data-link Interface     Open Distributed Processing     OpenDocument     Open Document Architecture     Open Document Interchange Format     Open Document Management API     Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol     Open Source Definition     Orange Book     P1754     Packed Encoding Rules     Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment     PCMCIA     Personal Computer Memory Card International Association     photo CD     platinum-iridium     Portable Operating System Interface     Portable Tool Interface     PowerPC     PowerPC Platform     Public-Key Cryptography Standards     Quarter CIF     QuickTime     Recommended Standard     Regina     Remote Database Access     Request For Comments     RFC 1014     RFC 1034     RFC 1035     RFC 1057     RFC 1058     RFC 1081     RFC 1094     RFC 1112     RFC 1119     RFC 1123     RFC 1156     RFC 1157     RFC 1171     RFC 1208     RFC 1213     RFC 1267     RFC 1268     RFC 1304     RFC 1321     RFC 1334     RFC 1341     RFC 1388     RFC 1436     RFC 1441     RFC 1442     RFC 1443     RFC 1444     RFC 1445     RFC 1446     RFC 1447     RFC 1448     RFC 1449     RFC 1450     RFC 1451     RFC 1452     RFC 1508     RFC 1509     RFC 1520     RFC 1521     RFC 1568     RFC 1591     RFC 1630     RFC 1661     RFC 1700     RFC 1701     RFC 1702     RFC 1707     RFC 1730     RFC 1777     RFC 1778     RFC 1795     RFC 1823     RFC 1825     RFC 1831     RFC 1861     RFC 1938     RFC 1951     RFC 1959     RFC 1960     RFC 2045     RFC 2046     RFC 2047     RFC 2048     RFC 2049     RFC 2068     RFC 2093     RFC 2234     RFC 2236     RFC 2246     RFC 2279     RFC 2281     RFC 2298     RFC 2326     RFC 2408     RFC 2516     RFC 2543     RFC 2795     RFC 2821     RFC 3232     RFC 4213     RFC 792     RFC 821     RFC 822     RFC 826     RFC 854     RFC 903     RFC 908     RFC 959     Rich Site Summary     RS     RS-232D     Scalable Sampling Rate     Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions     SET     SIP     SI prefix     SIR     Slot 1     Slot 2     Small Computer System Interface     Socket 370     Socket 7     Socket 8     spanning tree algorithm     Speech Application Programming Interface     SQL     SQL2     SQL3     standard     Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments     Standard d'Echange et de Transfert     Standard Operating Environment     STD 1     STD 13     STD 2     Super 7     Supplementary Ideographic Plane     Synchronous Digital Hierarchy     Système International d'Unités     TCVN 5773     TCVN 6056     Telecommunications Industry Association     Text Encoding Initiative     TrueType     TWAIN     UCS transformation format     UNI     Universal Character Set     Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration     Universal Disk Format     Universal Serial Bus     Universal Time     Universal Time Coordinated     V.10     V.11     V.17     V.21     V.22     V.22bis     V.23     V.24     V.25     V.25 bis     V.27 ter     V.28     V.29     V.32     V.32bis     V.35     V.42     V.42bis     VESA Local Bus     Video Electronics Standards Association     V series     Web-Based Enterprise Management     Web Services     White Book     White book CD-ROM     Wide SCSI     Windows Hardware Quality Labs     Windows sockets     Wireless Application Protocol     Wireless Transport Layer Security     X.12     X.21     X.25     X.409     X.500     X.680     x86 processor socket     X/Open System Interface