storage entries

A20 handlerExpanded Memory SpecificationPage Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory
access timeExtended Architecturepage out
addressExtended Data Out Dynamic Random Access MemoryParallel Advanced Technology Attachment
Address Strobeextended memoryparity
Advanced Intelligent Tapeextended memory managerparity bit
Advanced SCSI Peripheral InterfaceExtended Memory Specificationparity error
Advanced Technology Attachmentexternal memoryPartial Response Maximum Likelihood
Advanced Technology Attachment Interface with ExtensionsFast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memorypartition
Andrew File Systemferrite core memoryPATA
ASFerroelectric Random Access MemoryPE
ATA-4Fibre ChannelPhase Encoded
AT Attachment Packet InterfaceFileNetphoto CD
Attributed File SystemFilesystem Hierarchy StandardPipeline Burst Cache
auxiliary storagefishprecharge
average seek timefixed diskpresence detect
backing storeflapProgrammable Read-Only Memory
Bernoulli Boxflashpunched card
blocked recordsflash driveQEMM386
Burst Extended Data Out DRAMFlash Erasable Programmable Read-Only MemoryQuarter Inch Cartridge
Burst Static Random Access Memoryflash memoryRambus DRAM
cache coherencyflat fileRAM disk
cache conflictflippyrandom-access memory
cache hitfloppy diskRAS
cache lineflopticalRead-Only Memory
cache missfootprintredundancy
CAMformatRedundant Array of Independent Disks
cardGrim File Reaperrefresh
CCSGroup Code Recordingremovable hard disk
CDRGroup-Sweeping Schedulingreserved memory
checksumGSSRFC 1094
columnhard disk driveRLL
COMhard sectorrotational latency
Commodore 1010Head Disk Assemblyround tape
Commodore 1541high memory areaRow Address Strobe
Commodore 1570HIMEMRun Length Limited
Commodore 1571Hot Fixrusty memory
Commodore 1581IDEsave
Common Command SetIomega Corporationsave as
Compact DiscISO 9660scan
Compact Disc interactiveJaz DriveSCANDISK
Compact Disc Read-Only MemoryJolietScan-EDF
Compact Disc Recordablejukeboxscratch disk
Compact Disc RewritableJust a Bunch Of Diskssecondary storage
Compact Disc writerlaundromatseek
constant angular velocityLINCtapeseek time
constant linear velocityLogical Block AddressingSerial Advanced Technology Attachment
conventional memoryLogical Unit NumberSerial Storage Architecture
corelongitudinal paritySingle Data Rate Random Access Memory
cylinderLongitudinal Redundancy CheckSingle In-line Memory Module
data redundancymacrotapeSmall Outline DIMM
data setmagnetic diskSmartdrive
data set organizationmagnetic stripeSMS
data stripingmagnetic tapesolid-state storage device
DDmagnetic tape drivesquare tape
DEADBEEFmagneto-optical diskST-506
DECtapemagnetostrictive delay linestack loader
Digital Audio Tapemain memorystate
Digital Linear TapeMask Read-Only Memorystatic
Digital Versatile Discmaster boot recordstatic random-access memory
Digital Versatile Disk Random Access Memorymaximum Maytag modestiffy
discmaximum seek timestorage
diskMDStorage Area Network
disk controllermediaStorage Management Services
disk drivememorystorage media
disk duplexingmemory locationSuperDrive
disk mirroringmemory managementSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Ditto Drivemercury delay lineSynchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
Double Data Rate Random Access Memorymicrotapetablespace
DRAM refreshMIItrack
driveMini DiscTranslation Look-aside Buffer
Dual In-line Memory Moduleminimum seek timeUniversal Disk Format
Dynamic Drive Overlaymirrorupper memory block
dynamic random-access memoryMMCDUSB drive
ECMModified Frequency ModulationVertical Redundancy Check
Electrically Alterable Programmable Read-Only MemoryMultiMedia Compact DiscVideo Compact Disc
Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memorymultiplexingvideo memory
Electronic Report ManagementNASvolatile
EMMNetwork Attached StorageVolume Table Of Contents
EMM386New Storage Systemwashing machine
Enhanced Small Disk InterfaceNibble Mode DRAMWindow Random Access Memory
EOTNon Return to Zero Invertedword
Erasable Programmable Read-Only MemoryNon-Volatile Random Access Memoryworking memory
error correcting memorynon-volatile storageWrite-Once Read-Many
error detection and correctionOne Time Programmable Read-Only Memorywrite protect
expanded memorypacket writingXMS
expanded memory managerpage inzip
expanded memory page framepage modeZip Drive