storage entries

A20 handler     access time     address     Address Strobe     Advanced Intelligent Tape     Advanced SCSI Peripheral Interface     Advanced Technology Attachment     Advanced Technology Attachment Interface with Extensions     Andrew File System     AS     ATA-4     AT Attachment Packet Interface     Attributed File System     auxiliary storage     average seek time     backing store     Bernoulli Box     blocked records     Burst Extended Data Out DRAM     Burst Static Random Access Memory     cache coherency     cache conflict     cache hit     cache line     cache miss     CAM     card     CCS     CDR     checksum     COLD     column     COM     Commodore 1010     Commodore 1541     Commodore 1570     Commodore 1571     Commodore 1581     Common Command Set     Compact Disc     Compact Disc interactive     Compact Disc Read-Only Memory     Compact Disc Recordable     Compact Disc Rewritable     Compact Disc writer     constant angular velocity     constant linear velocity     conventional memory     core     cylinder     data redundancy     data set     data set organization     data striping     DD     DEADBEEF     DECtape     Digital Audio Tape     Digital Linear Tape     Digital Versatile Disc     Digital Versatile Disk Random Access Memory     disc     disk     disk controller     disk drive     disk duplexing     disk mirroring     Ditto Drive     Double Data Rate Random Access Memory     DRAM refresh     drive     du     Dual In-line Memory Module     Dynamic Drive Overlay     dynamic random-access memory     ECM     Electrically Alterable Programmable Read-Only Memory     Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory     Electronic Report Management     EMM     EMM386     Enhanced Small Disk Interface     EOT     Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory     error correcting memory     error detection and correction     Exabyte     expanded memory     expanded memory manager     expanded memory page frame     Expanded Memory Specification     Extended Architecture     Extended Data Out Dynamic Random Access Memory     extended memory     extended memory manager     Extended Memory Specification     external memory     Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory     ferrite core memory     Ferroelectric Random Access Memory     Fibre Channel     FileNet     Filesystem Hierarchy Standard     fish     fixed disk     flap     flash     flash drive     Flash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory     flash memory     flat file     flippy     floppy disk     floptical     footprint     format     Grim File Reaper     Group Code Recording     Group-Sweeping Scheduling     GSS     hard disk     hard disk drive     hard sector     Head Disk Assembly     high memory area     HIMEM     Hot Fix     IDE     Iomega Corporation     ISO 9660     Jaz Drive     Joliet     jukebox     Just a Bunch Of Disks     laundromat     LINCtape     Logical Block Addressing     Logical Unit Number     longitudinal parity     Longitudinal Redundancy Check     macrotape     magnetic disk     magnetic stripe     magnetic tape     magnetic tape drive     magneto-optical disk     magnetostrictive delay line     main memory     Mask Read-Only Memory     master boot record     maximum Maytag mode     maximum seek time     MD     media     memory     memory location     memory management     mercury delay line     microtape     MII     Mini Disc     minifloppy     minimum seek time     mirror     MMCD     Modified Frequency Modulation     MultiMedia Compact Disc     multiplexing     NAS     Network Attached Storage     New Storage System     Nibble Mode DRAM     Non Return to Zero Inverted     Non-Volatile Random Access Memory     non-volatile storage     One Time Programmable Read-Only Memory     OTP     packet writing     page in     page mode     Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory     page out     Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment     parity     parity bit     parity error     Partial Response Maximum Likelihood     partition     PATA     PE     Phase Encoded     photo CD     Pipeline Burst Cache     precharge     presence detect     Programmable Read-Only Memory     punched card     QEMM386     Quarter Inch Cartridge     Rambus DRAM     RAM disk     random-access memory     RAS     Read-Only Memory     redundancy     Redundant Array of Independent Disks     refresh     removable hard disk     reserved memory     RFC 1094     RLDRAM     RLL     rotational latency     round tape     Row Address Strobe     Run Length Limited     rusty memory     save     save as     scan     SCANDISK     Scan-EDF     scratch disk     secondary storage     seek     seek time     Serial Advanced Technology Attachment     Serial Storage Architecture     Single Data Rate Random Access Memory     Single In-line Memory Module     Small Outline DIMM     Smartdrive     SMS     solid-state storage device     square tape     ST-506     stack loader     state     static     static random-access memory     stiffy     storage     Storage Area Network     Storage Management Services     storage media     SuperDrive     Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory     Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory     tablespace     track     Translation Look-aside Buffer     twinning     Universal Disk Format     upper memory block     USB drive     Vertical Redundancy Check     Video Compact Disc     video memory     volatile     Volume Table Of Contents     washing machine     Window Random Access Memory     word     working memory     Write-Once Read-Many     write protect     X     XMS     zip     Zip Drive