How do I look something up?

To look up a term in the dictionary, enter it in the text input box at the top of any page and click on the Search button. On most browsers you can just type your term and press the Enter key.

Search syntax

Summary: there is no search syntax! Just enter a word or phrase.

A search first looks for the entry whose complete heading matches your search string exactly. If there is no such entry it then tries again ignoring case. If there is still no match it looks for entries whose headings start with your search string, ignoring case. If all these fail, it tries to convert your search string to singular and searches for that.

There tend to be more nouns than verbs so, for example, if you can't find "archiving", try "archive".

Other buttons

This button will return you to the dictionary's front page.
This will show you information about the dictionary and other ways to browse it.
This button lets you send comments, questions or contributions to the maintainers.
Takes you to a different randomly selected definition each time.
Looks up the text you have entered in the box as described above.

Other questions

Last update: 2009-08-05 14:47
Denis Howe