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i18n     I2O     i386     i486     i487     i860     IA     IA32     IAB     IAD     IAL     IAM     IANA     IANAL     IAP     I-APL     IAR     IAS     IAW     IAYSDAH     IBEX     IBM     IBM 1130     IBM 1403     IBM 1620     IBM 1710     IBM 2741     IBM 3270     IBM 360     IBM 370     IBM 370ESA     IBM 370XA     IBM 3720     IBM390     IBM 650     IBM 700 series     IBM 701     IBM 704     IBM 7040     IBM 705     IBM 709     IBM 7090     IBM 7094     IBM 801     IBM compatible     IBM Customer Engineer     IBM discount     IBM PC     IBM PC AT     IBM PCjr     IBM PC XT     IBM System/36     IBM Systems Engineer     IBM zSeries     Ibpag2     Iburg     IC     ICA     ICAM     ICANN     I-CASE     ICBM address     ICE     icebreaker     ICES     ICETRAN     ICI     ICL     ICMP     ICMP Router Discovery Protocol     I-Comm     iCOMP     Icon     icon     Icon-Based Parser Generation System 2     Iconicode     ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc.     IC-Prolog     IC Prolog II     ICQ     ICSI     ICT     ICW     ICWS     Id     id     I-D     ID10T     IDAMS     IDD     IDE     IDEA     IDEAL     ideal     Idealized CSP     Idealized Instruction Set     IDEF     IDEF0     idempotent     identifier     ideogram     I didn't change anything!     idk     IDL     IDMS     IDMSX     Id Nouveau     IDOL     IDS/I     IDSN     id Software     IDSS     IE     ie     IEC     IEC 559     IEEE     IEEE 1076     IEEE 1394     IEEE 488     IEEE 754     IEEE 802     IEEE 802.1     IEEE 802.2     IEEE 802.3     IEEE 802.3u     IEEE 802.3z     IEEE 802.4     IEEE 802.5     IEEE Computer Society     IEEE Floating Point Standard     IEEE Standard 1149.1     IEF     IEN     IEPG     IESG     IETF     IF1     IF2     IFAC     IFC     ifdef out     IFDL     IFF     iff     IFIP     IFP     IFS     IFX     If you want X, you know where to find it.     IGC     IGES     IGL     IGMP     IGP     IGPL     IGS     IGU     IHS     IHV     IIcx     IIDMS/R     IIL     IINREN     IIOP     IIR     IIRC     IIS     IIT     IITF     IITRAN     il     ILBM     ILF     ILIAD     I-Link     ILISP     ill-behaved     ILLIAC     Illiac IV     Illinois Functional Programming     ILOC     Ilog Solver     iMac     image     image formats     image map     image processing     image recognition     imaging     Imago Europe plc     Imago On-line     imake     IMAO     IMAP     imc     IMD     IMHO     IML     immediate version     Imminent Death Of The Net Predicted!     IMNSHO     IMO     IMP     impact printer     impedance     imperative     imperative language     imperative programming     Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine     Imperial Software Technology     IMPlementation language     implication     implicit parallelism     implicit type conversion     implies     imply     import     imprecise probability     IMProved Mercury autocode     IMR     IMS     IMS 6100     Imsai     IMS/Data Base     IMS/Data Communications     IMSE     IMTC     in     Ina Jo     InARP     in-band signaling     in-band signalling     inc     incantation     include     include war     inclusive     incomparable     incremental analysis     incremental backup     incremental constraint solver     Incremental Prototyping Technology for Embedded Realtime Systems     indent     indentation     indent style     Independent Computing Architecture     Independent Logical File     Independent Verification and Validation     index     Index Data     Indexed Sequential Access Method     index.htm     index.html     index register     indices     indirect address     indirect addressing     indirection     indirect jump     induction     inductive inference     inductive relation     Industrial Programming, Inc.     Industrial Robot Language     Industry Standard Architecture     inetd     inews     infant mortality     infeasible path     inference     inference engine     inference rule     infimum     infinite     Infinite Impulse Response     infinite loop     Infinite Monkey Theorem     infinite set     infinity     infix notation     infix syntax     inflate     INFN     Infobahn     Info BASIC     infobot     Informatics Corporation     information     Information Algebra     Information and Communication Technology     Information Appliance     Information Builders     Information Engineering Facility     information highway     Information Infrastructure Task Force     Information Innovation     information island     Information Management     Information Management System     information overload     Information Processing Language     Information Resource Management     information superhighway     Information Systems Factory     information technology     information technology governance     Information Technology Infrastructure Library     Informix     InfoSeek     InfoStreet, Inc.     infotainment     InfoWord Office     infrared     Infrared Data Association     infrastructure     Inglish     INGRES     inheritance     initgame     initialise     Initial Microprogram Load     Initial Operational Test and Evaluation     Initial Program Load     Initial Program Loader     initiator     injection     inkjet printer     ink printer     inline     inline element     inline image     INMOS transputer     inner class     inner join     inner product     InnovAda     inode     in-order traversal     inout     IN point     Inprise Corporation     Input     input     input device     input/output     input/output redirection     inquiry/response system     INRIA     insanely great     insertion sort     INSIGHT     Insignia Solutions, Inc.     inspection     installable file system     installed user base     installer     instance     instance variable     instantiate     instantiation     Institute for Global Communications     Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.     Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique     instruction     Instruction Address Register     instructional technology     instruction mnemonic     instruction prefetch     instruction scheduling     instruction set     instruction set architecture     Instruction Set Processor     instrument     int     INTCODE     integer     Integer SPECbaserate     Integer SPECbaseratio     Integer SPECrate     Integer SPECratio     integrated circuit     Integrated Database Management System     integrated development environment     Integrated Drive Electronics     Integrated Information Technology     Integrated Modelling Support Environment     Integrated Project Support Environment     Integrated Services Digital Network     Integrated Systems Architecture     Integrated Systems Laboratory     integration     integration testing     integrity     integrity constraint     Intel     Intel 4004     Intel 4040     Intel 486     Intel 486DX     Intel 486SX     Intel 487SX     Intel 8008     Intel 80186     Intel 80188     Intel 80286     Intel 80386     Intel 80386DX     Intel 80386SX     Intel 8048     Intel 80486     Intel 8051     Intel 8080     Intel 8085     Intel 8086     Intel 8088     Intel 80x86     Intel 8751     Intel Comparative Microprocessor Performance index     Intel Corporation     IntelDX4     Intel i960     INTELLECT     intellectual property     intelligent backtracking     intelligent database     Intelligent Input/Output     Intelligent I/O     intelligent key     intelligent terminal     IntelliMouse     Intel Literature Sales     Intelsat     Intel x86     intensional     Intent to Package     INTERACTIVE     interactive     Interactive CourseWare     Interactive Data analysis Language     Interactive Data Entry/Access     Interactive Data Language     interactive development environment     Interactive Development Environments     Interactive Software Engineering     Interactive System Productivity Facility     Interactive Voice Response     Interagency Interim National Research and Education Network     InterBase     INTERCAL     Interchange File Format     INTERCOM     Interdata     Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics     interesting     inter-exchange carrier     interface     interface analysis     Interface Architect     Interface Definition Language     Interface Description Language     Interface Message Processor     Interior Gateway Protocol     interlace     interlaced image     interlacing     Interlan     Interleaf     interleave     interleaving     INTERLINK     Interlisp     Interlisp-10     Interlisp-D     Intermedia     Intermedia Interchange Format     intermediate code     Intermediate Distribution Frame     Intermediate Programming Language     Intermediate System     Intermediate System-Intermediate System     intermercial     Intermetrics, Inc.     intermodulation distortion     internal field separators     Internal Translator     International Algebraic Language     International Atomic Time     International Business Machines     International Computers Limited plc     International Core War Society     International Data Encryption Algorithm     International Electrotechnical Commission     International Federation for Information Processing     International Function Point Users Group     internationalisation     internationalization     International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium     International Olympiad in Informatics     International Organisation for Standardisation     International Organization for Standardization     International Phonetic Alphabet     International Programmable Airline Reservation System     International Smalltalk Association     International Standard     International Telecommunications Union     International Traffic in Arms Regulation     Internaut     Internet     internet     Internet Access Provider     Internet Adapter     Internet address     internet address     Internet Architecture Board     Internet Assigned Numbers Authority     Internet backbone     Internet Chess Server     Internet Control Message Protocol     Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers     Internet-Draft     Internet Engineering and Planning Group     Internet Engineering Steering Group     Internet Engineering Task Force     Internet Experiment Note     Internet Explorer     Internet Express     Internet Foundation Classes     Internet Go Server     Internet Group Management Protocol     Internet Information Server     Internet Inter-ORB Protocol     Internet Message Access Protocol     Internet Monthly Report     Internet Network Information Center     internet number     Internet Open Trading Protocol     Internet Protocol     Internet Protocol Control Protocol     Internet Protocol version 4     Internet Protocol version 6     Internet provider     Internet Public Library     Internet Registry     Internet Relay Chat     Internet Research Steering Group     Internet Research Task Force     Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol     Internet Server Application Programming Interface     Internet Service Provider     Internet Society     Internet Telephony     Internet Telephony Service Providers     internetworking     Internetwork Packet eXchange     Internet Worm     Internex On-Line     InterNIC     interoperability     interoperable database     inter-packet gap     interpolation     Interpress     interpreted     interpreter     Interpretive Menu Processor     Inter-process Communication     interrupt     interrupt handler     interrupt list     interrupt priority level     interrupt request     interrupts     Intersil 6100     Intersil 6120     interstitial     Intertec     interupt     InterViews     interworking     intranet     Intrinsics     introspection     introspection annotation     Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics     Intrusive Testing     Intuition     intuitionism     intuitionistic logic     intuitionistic probability     intuitionist logic     invariant     inverse     Inverse Address Resolution Protocol     inverse comment convention     inverted index     InWorld VR     IO     io     I/O     IOI     Iomega Corporation     I-OOA     I/O redirection     IOS     Iota     IOT&E     IOW     IP     IPA     iPad     IP address     IPARS     I-Pay     IPC     ipconfig     IPCP     IPE     Iperf     IPL     IP next generation     IPng     IP number     IPS     IPSE     IPsec     IPT     IP Telephony     IPv4     IPv6     IPX     IPXCP     IQ     iq     IQL     IR     ir     IrBUS     IRC     ircop     IRC penis war     IrDA     IrDA-C     IrDA Control     IrDA Data     IRDATA     IRDP     IRDS     IRET     IRIS     Iris     IRISA     IRIS Explorer     IRIX     IRL     IRM     iron     Iron Age     iron box     Ironman     ironmonger     IRQ     irrational number     irrefutable     IRSG     IRTF     IRUS     Irvine Dataflow     Irvine Research Unit in Software     IS     is     IS-11172     IS-13818     ISA     Isabelle     Isabelle-92     Isabelle-93     ISA bus     ISAKMP     ISAM     ISAPI     ISAPI filter     ISBL     ISDE     ISDN     ISE     ISEE     I see no X here.     ISETL     ISF     ISINDEX     ISIS     IS-IS     ISL     ISLisp     ISMAP     ISO     ISO 10646     ISO 3166     ISO 639-1     ISO 639-2     ISO 8072     ISO 8073     ISO 8208     ISO 8326     ISO 8327     ISO 8485     ISO 8613     ISO 8649     ISO 8650     ISO 8805     ISO 8807     ISO 8822     ISO 8823     ISO 8825     ISO 8859     ISO 8859-1     ISO 8879     ISO 9000     ISO 9072     ISO 9660     ISO 9735     ISOC     ISO C     isochronous     isochronous transfer     ISODE     ISO Development Environment     ISO/IEC 10646-1     ISO/IEC 26300     isolated     ISO Latin 1     isometric joystick     isometry     isomorphic     isomorphism     isomorphism class     ISO Pascal     ISO seven layer model     ISP     ISPBX     ISPF     ISPL     ISPS     IST     ISTAR     ISTM     ISV     ISWIM     IT     it     ITAR     Iterated Function System     iteration     iterative deepening     iterator     Iternet     IT governance     ITHACA     ITIL     ITP     ITS     it's a feature     ITSP     ITU     ITU-T     ITU-T X.680     ITU X.209     Ivan     Ivan Sutherland     Iverson's Language     IVR     ivs     IVTRAN     IV&V     IVY     IWay     IWBNI     IXC     IXI Limited     IXO     IYFEG