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Kohonen     TK!Solver     TL0     TL1     TLA     TLAs     TLB     TLD     TLI     TL/I     T Lisp     TLS     TM     tm     TMDL     TMG     TMRC     TMRCie     TMS 9900     tn     tn3270     TNC     TNSTAAFL     TNX     TNXE6     to     to a first approximation     toast     toaster     toasternet     to a zeroth approximation     toggle     TOK     token     token bus     token ring     TomeRaider     Tom Knight     tone     Tony Hoare     tool     toolbar     toolbook     Toolbuilder     Tool Builder Kit     Tool Command Language     TOOLS     toolsmith     TOP     top-down design     Top-Down Model     topic drift     topic group     topic map     topic thread     top-level domain     topology     TOPS-10     TOPS-20     Tornado     Toronto Euclid     torrent     TORTOS     TOS     Toshiba Corporation     TOSS     total function     totally ordered     totally ordered set     total ordering     toto     touchpad     touch screen     tourist     tourist information     Towers of Hanoi     Tower Technology Corporation     toy     Toy/Ada     toy language     Toyohashi University Parallel Lisp Environment     toy problem     toy program     tp     TPA     TPF     TP/IX     TPL     TPO     TPS     tptc     TPU     TPX     tr     TRAC     traceroute     trace scheduling     track     track ball     tracker ball     tracking     tracking cookie     tracking file     trackpad     TrackPoint     tractor feed     TrafoLa     Trafola-H     trampoline     TRANDIR     TRANQUIL     TRANS     transaction     Transaction Application Language     Transaction Processing Facility     transceiver     TRANSCODE     transducer     transfer     transfer none     transfer of control     transfer rate     transfer syntax     transfinite induction     transformation     transient     Transient Program Area     transistor     Transistor-Transistor Logic     TRANSIT     transition ad     transitive     transitive closure     transit network     Translation Look-aside Buffer     Transmission Control Protocol     transparent     transparent audio coding     Transport Driver Interface     transport layer     Transport Layer Interface     Transport Layer Security protocol     Transport Level Interface     Transport Service Access Point     transputer     TRANS-USE     trap     trap door     trap-door function     trash     Trash-80     traveling salesman problem     travelling salesman     travelling salesman problem     traversal     traverse     trawl     tree     tree-killer     TREET     TREETRAN     Tree Transformation Language     treeware     Trellis     Trellis Code Modulation     Trident     trigger     trigger finger     TRIGMAN     trillion     Trilogy     triple DES     tri state     trit     Triton     Triton II     Triton VX     Trivial File Transfer Protocol     TRO     troff     troglodyte     troglodyte mode     trojan     Trojan horse     TROLL     troll     TRON     tron     Trouble Came Back     TRS     TRS-80     Truchet point     True BASIC     true colour     true hacker     TRUENAME     TrueType     Trumpet     TRUSIX     truth table     TS     TSAP     TSEE     TSIA     Tsim     TSL-1     TSO     TSP     TSR     TSV     tt     TTD     TTFN     TTL     TTS     tty     TTYL     TUB     TUBA     tube     tube time     Tuckals     TUI     Tukey, John     Tuki     tunafish     tune     tunneling     tunnelling     Tunny Emulator     TUPLE     tuple     tuple calculus     Tuple Space Smalltalk     tupling     Turbo C     Turbo C++     Turbo Debugger     turbo nerd     Turbo Pascal     Turbo Prolog     Turing     Turing Machine     Turingol     Turing Plus     Turing tar-pit     Turing test     turist     TURN     turn-key     turtle graphics     TUTOR     Tuxedo     TV     tv     tw     TWAIN     tweak     tweening     tweeter     TWENEX     Twente Compiler Generator System     Twentel     twiddle     TWIG     twilight zone     twink     twinning     Twin Vector Quantization     twip     twirling baton     twisted pair     twisted pair only     Twitter     twm     two-binary, one-quaternary     twonkie     two-phase commit     twos complement     two-to-the-N     two-valued logic     TX-0     TXL     TYMCOM-X     TYMNET     Tymshare, Inc.     type     type-ahead     type-ahead search     type assignment     type class     typed lambda-calculus     TypedProlog     typeface     type inference     type scheme     typo     typographical error     TYPOL     typo squatter     tyt     TZ     tz