protocol entries

1.TR.6Inverse Address Resolution ProtocolRouting Table Maintenance Protocol
Abstract Syntax Notation 1I-PayRSVP
Address Resolution ProtocolIPsecSAP
Advanced Data Communications Control ProtocolISO 9735Scalable Coherent Interface
AFPJava Remote Method ProtocolSequenced Packet Exchange
AppletalkK56flexSerial Line Internet Protocol
AppleTalk Data Stream ProtocolKnowledge Query and Manipulation LanguageServer Message Block
Application Configuration Access ProtocolLayer Two Tunneling ProtocolService Discovery Protocol
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber LineLightweight Directory Access ProtocolSession Initiation Protocol
Asynchronous Balanced ModeLink Access Protocol BalancedSignalling System 7
Automatic Network RoutingLink Control ProtocolSimple Gateway Control Protocol
Basic Encoding RulesLocal Area Terminalsimple multicast protocol
Bell 103Local Mail Transfer ProtocolSimple Network Management Protocol
BERLogical Link Control and Adaptation ProtocolSimple Network Management Protocol version 2
Binary Synchronous TransmissionLower Layer ProtocolSimple Network Paging Protocol
bit stuffingManchester encodingSimple Object Access Protocol
BluetoothManufacturing Automation ProtocolSimplified Multicast Routing Protocol
Canonical Encoding RulesMAPSingle-line Digital Subscriber Line
Cellular Digital Packet DataMedia Gateway Control ProtocolSIP
Challenge-Handshake Authentication ProtocolMessage Passing InterfaceSlingshot
CloverMicrosoft Point to Point EncryptionSmart Battery Data
Common Internet File SystemMIME typeSMB
Common Management Information ProtocolMusical Instrument Digital InterfaceSOAP
connectionless protocolNetBIOS Frames Control ProtocolSSLeay
cookieNetBios over TCP/IPstart bit
coordination languageNetWare Link State ProtocolSummary Object Interchange Format
DDMNetwork Information ServiceSystem Management Bus
Digital Subscriber LineObject ExchangeTCP/IP
Distributed Data ManagementOpen Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway ProtocolTelocator Alphanumeric Protocol
Dynamic Host Configuration ProtocolOTPTP/IX
ESMTPPacked Encoding Rulestransfer syntax
ETRNPAPTransmission Control Protocol
EV6Point-to-Point ProtocolTransport Layer Security protocol
External Machine InterfacePoint-to-Point Protocol over EthernetTUBA
File Service ProtocolPoint-to-Point Tunneling ProtocolTURN
Financial Information eXchangePOP3ULP
FIXPost Office ProtocolUniversal Computer Protocol
flow controlPrinter Access ProtocolUniversal Description, Discovery, and Integration
Formal Description Techniqueprotocol stackUpper Layer Protocol
G3RDPUser Datagram Protocol
Generic Routing EncapsulationReal Time Streaming ProtocolV.17
gopherReal-Time Transport ProtocolV.21
Group 3Reliable Data ProtocolV.22
Group 4Remote Desktop ProtocolV.22bis
High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Lineremote monitoringV.23
HL7Remote Reference LayerV.27 ter
Home Phoneline Networking AllianceRemote Write ProtocolV.34
Hot Standby Routing ProtocolResource Reservation ProtocolV.90
Hypertext Transfer ProtocolReverse Address Resolution ProtocolV.91
HyperText Transmission Protocol, SecureRFC 1171Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
ICMP Router Discovery ProtocolRFC 1334V.FC
Independent Computing ArchitectureRFC 1347WaZOO
Internet Control Message ProtocolRFC 1350Wireless Application Protocol
Internet Group Management ProtocolRFC 1475X2
Internet Inter-ORB ProtocolRFC 1526X.25
Internet Message Access ProtocolRFC 1531Xpress Transport Protocol
Internet Open Trading ProtocolRFC 1550X protocol
Internet Protocol version 4RFC 1561ZMODEM
Internet Protocol version 6RFC 2131 
Internet Security Association and Key Management ProtocolRFCOMM