protocol entries

1.TR.6     Abstract Syntax Notation 1     Address Resolution Protocol     Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol     AFP     Appletalk     AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol     Application Configuration Access Protocol     Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line     Asynchronous Balanced Mode     Automatic Network Routing     Basic Encoding Rules     Bell 103     BER     Binary Synchronous Transmission     bit stuffing     Bluetooth     Canonical Encoding Rules     Cellular Digital Packet Data     Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol     Clover     Common Internet File System     Common Management Information Protocol     connectionless protocol     cookie     coordination language     DDM     Digital Subscriber Line     Distributed Data Management     Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol     ESMTP     ETRN     EV6     External Machine Interface     File Service Protocol     Financial Information eXchange     FIX     flow control     Formal Description Technique     G3     Generic Routing Encapsulation     gopher     Group 3     Group 4     High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line     HL7     Home Phoneline Networking Alliance     Hot Standby Routing Protocol     Hypertext Transfer Protocol     HyperText Transmission Protocol, Secure     ICMP Router Discovery Protocol     Independent Computing Architecture     Internet Control Message Protocol     Internet Group Management Protocol     Internet Inter-ORB Protocol     Internet Message Access Protocol     Internet Open Trading Protocol     Internet Protocol version 4     Internet Protocol version 6     Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol     Inverse Address Resolution Protocol     I-Pay     IPsec     ISO 9735     Java Remote Method Protocol     K56flex     Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language     Layer Two Tunneling Protocol     Lightweight Directory Access Protocol     Link Access Protocol Balanced     Link Control Protocol     Local Area Terminal     Local Mail Transfer Protocol     Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol     Lower Layer Protocol     Manchester encoding     Manufacturing Automation Protocol     MAP     Media Gateway Control Protocol     Message Passing Interface     Microsoft Point to Point Encryption     MIME type     Musical Instrument Digital Interface     NetBIOS Frames Control Protocol     NetBios over TCP/IP     NetWare Link State Protocol     Network Information Service     Object Exchange     Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol     OTP     Packed Encoding Rules     PAP     Point-to-Point Protocol     Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet     Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol     POP3     Post Office Protocol     Printer Access Protocol     protocol stack     RDP     Real Time Streaming Protocol     Real-Time Transport Protocol     Reliable Data Protocol     Remote Desktop Protocol     remote monitoring     Remote Reference Layer     Remote Write Protocol     Resource Reservation Protocol     Reverse Address Resolution Protocol     RFC 1171     RFC 1334     RFC 1347     RFC 1350     RFC 1475     RFC 1526     RFC 1531     RFC 1550     RFC 1561     RFC 2131     RFCOMM     Routing Table Maintenance Protocol     RSVP     SAP     Scalable Coherent Interface     Sequenced Packet Exchange     Serial Line Internet Protocol     Server Message Block     Service Discovery Protocol     Session Initiation Protocol     Signalling System 7     Simple Gateway Control Protocol     simple multicast protocol     Simple Network Management Protocol     Simple Network Management Protocol version 2     Simple Network Paging Protocol     Simple Object Access Protocol     Simplified Multicast Routing Protocol     Single-line Digital Subscriber Line     SIP     Slingshot     Smart Battery Data     SMB     SOAP     SSLeay     start bit     Summary Object Interchange Format     System Management Bus     TCP/IP     Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol     TP/IX     transfer syntax     Transmission Control Protocol     Transport Layer Security protocol     TUBA     TURN     ULP     Universal Computer Protocol     Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration     Upper Layer Protocol     User Datagram Protocol     V.17     V.21     V.22     V.22bis     V.23     V.27 ter     V.34     V.90     V.91     Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line     V.FC     WaZOO     Wireless Application Protocol     X2     X.25     Xpress Transport Protocol     X protocol     ZMODEM