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$1     16 bit     ??     aard     abort     abstract class     abstract data type     abstraction     acceptance testing     accumulator     ACID     Actis     active object     Active Server Pages     ActiveX     ActiveX Data Objects     actor     actual argument     address     addressing mode     ADL     Advanced SCSI Peripheral Interface     Advanced Software Environment     Aegis     AES     aggregate type     aggregation     AGL     Ajax     algebraic data type     algorithm     Algorithmic Model     Algorithmic Test Case Generation     alias     allow-none     ALM     alpha testing     alt.sources     Analogy Model     annotation     apple-touch-icon     Application Binary Interface     Application Control Architecture     application development     application enablement services     Application environment specification     application lifecycle management     Application Portability Architecture     application program     Application Program Interface     applicative order reduction     Architecture Neutral Distribution Format     arena     argument     arity     array     Artifex     as31     ASCIIbetical order     ASE     ASPECT     aspect     aspect-oriented programming     assembler     assertion     assignment     associative array     associativity     Autopass     back-end     baklava code     banana problem     bar     barnacle code     base class     Basic Object System     batch processing     beta testing     bignum     binary     Binary Compatibility Standard     Bird-Meertens Formalism     bit mask     bit string     bitwise     block     B-Method     Bohr bug     BOLERO     Booch method     Boolean     BOS     bottom-up implementation     bottom-up model     bottom-up testing     boundary value analysis     boxed comments     branch     branch coverage testing     breadcrumbs     breakpoint     break statement     Brooks's Law     brown paper bag bug     brute force     BSP method     BSS     B-Toolkit     buffer overflow     bug     bug fix     bug fix release     BUGSYS     bug tracking system     Bugzilla     build     Business Application Programming Interface     busy-wait     byte-code compiler     callback     call-by-reference     callee     calling convention     call-with-current-continuation     can't happen     cargo cult programming     case     case and paste     Case Integration Services     cause-effect graphing     CDR     cextract     chain     changeover     char     chase pointers     checkpoint     chunker     circular buffer     CIS     class     class hierarchy     class library     class method     Class-Relation Method     cleanroom     client     client-server     CLiP     closure     CMS     CMZ     Coad/Yourdon     CodeCenter     code walk     codewalker     COHESION     collision     COM     COME FROM     comment     comment out     Common Object Request Broker Architecture     Common Program Interface     Common User Access     compiler     compile time     complete unification     component     component architecture     component based development     Component Object Model     Computer Aided Software Engineering     Computer-Aided Software Testing     concatenate     ConCoord     concrete class     Concurrent Versions System     condition out     configuration programming     cons     considered harmful     constraint     constraint functional programming     Constraint Logic Programming     CONSTRAINTS     Constructive Cost Model     constructor     Contents of Decrement part of Register     continuation passing style     control flow     control structure     cookbook     cookie jar     copybook     core dump     Cost Driver Attribute     count     coupling     C preprocessor     C Programmer's Disease     cproto     cross-compiler     CRUD     curried function     cut-and-waste code     Cyclo     cyclomatic complexity     dancing frog     dangling pointer     Darwin     data flow analysis     Data Flow Diagram     data structure     dbx     DD     dead code     deadlock     Debbugs     debugger     debugging     debugging an empty file     debugging by printf     dec     defect analysis     defect density     deforestation     delayed control-transfer     Delivered Source Instruction     Delphi Technique     Deployment Descriptor     dereference     derived class     derived type     Design In Real Time     design pattern     desk check     destructor     Developmental Test and Evaluation     development environment     DIM statement     DirectX     dis     distfix     Distributed Component Object Model     do     document     documentation     domain     Domain Software Engineering Environment     doubly linked list     driver     dry run     duck typing     DUEL     duff     dyadic     dynamic analysis     Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System     Dynamic Systems Development Method     dynamic typing     eating one's own dogfood     Effort Adjustment Factor     Egyptian brackets     eighty-twenty rule     element     Embedded Mode     Enterprise JavaBeans     enumerated type     enumeration     environment variable     eraser stains code     error     error-based testing     essential complexity     EVALUATE     evaluation     event-driven     Excalibur bug     execution     exhaustive testing     exit     Expert Judgement Models     explicit type conversion     exponent     expression     extend     extensible     extension     fact     failure-directed testing     fall through     fandango on core     fatal     fatal error     fatal exception     fault     fault tree analysis     file descriptor     file descriptor leak     fill-out form     finger-pointing syndrome     first class module     fixed-point     FIXME     flag     Flash Lights Impressively     flat thunk     float     floater     floating-point     Floppy     flow chart     fnord     fork bomb     for loop     formal argument     forms     FP     FPA     FP/M     frame     Fresco     Fudgets     function     functionality     functional programming     functional specification     function complete     function inlining     Function Point Analysis     fusion     garbage collection     GCC     GCT     GDB     genericity     generic programming     Generic Security Service Application Programming Interface     generic thunk     generic type variable     genetic programming     Gensym Standard Interface     ghetto code     glob     GNU Problem Report Management System     goal     GObject Introspection     gotcha     goto     guard     hacked up     hamster     handle     hard crash     hardware circular buffer     hash     hash coding     hash collision     hash function     heap     hello, world     heuristic     Hierarchical Design Methodology     Hierarchical Object Oriented Design     hmake     hook     hydra code     IDE     identifier     implicit type conversion     indentation     indent style     index     indirection     indirect jump     infinite loop     infinity     inheritance     initialise     inline     inout     input/output     instance     instance variable     instantiation     instruction mnemonic     instrument     int     integration     interactive     interactive development environment     International Function Point Users Group     internationalisation     Internet Foundation Classes     interpreter     Inter-process Communication     interrupt     Intersil 6100     introspection     introspection annotation     invariant     inverse comment convention     ISTAR     iteration     iterator     Jackson method     japh     Java     Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition     Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition     Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition     Java 2 Software Development Kit     JavaBeans     Java Database Connectivity     Java Message Service     Java Native Interface     JavaScript Object Notation     JavaServer Faces     JavaServer Pages     Jenga Code     jump     KLOC     kluge     K&R stlye     label     ladder logic     language     last call optimisation     lcc     lclint     ld     leak     let floating     lexical analysis     lexical scope     library     linear type     lines of code     linked list     linker     Liskov substitution principle     listless     literal     literate programming     load-bearing printf     locale     localisation     local variable     log     logical shift     logic bomb     logic programming     logic variable     loop     lvalue     LWP     machine instruction     Mach Interface Generator     magic number     mailbox     main     main loop     maintenance     major delivery     major release     Make     mandelbug     mantissa     map     MD     memo function     memory dump     memory leak     metaclass     method     methodology     microcode     Microsoft Certified Application Developer     Microsoft Certified Solution Developer     Microsoft Foundation Classes     mnemonic     mod     model     Model View Controller     modifier     module     monadic     Mongolian Hordes technique     Mono     monty     MTS     Multiple Document Interface     multiple inheritance     multiple perspective software development     mutant     MVC     N     naming convention     native compiler     neighborhood bike code     niladic     normalisation     NOWEB     NTMBS     null     nullary     null-terminated multibyte string     obfuscated     Obfuscated C Contest     obi-wan error     ObjectBroker     Object-code Buffer Overrun Evaluator     Objecteering     objectfuscated code     object identifier     Object Modelling Technique     object-oriented     object-oriented analysis     object-oriented design     object-oriented programming     Objectory     Object Persistence Framework     Object Request Broker     Object Role Modeling     occlude     occurs check     off-by-one error     offset     OLE custom controls     OLE DB     Omega     one-liner wars     open/closed principle     OpenInsight     operand     operational requirements     operation code     operator     optimal     optimising compiler     Organic Mode     out     overflow     overriding     paranoid programming     PCA     PERFORM     persistence     PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor     PI     Plumber     pointer     Pokémon exception handling     polylithism     polymorphism     pop     port     portability     Portable Tool Interface     POSIX Threads     pragma     prefix     preprocessor     primitive     priority queue     Procrustean string     product     production system     Program Evaluation and Review Technique     Program Temporary Fix     Prolog     prototype     pseudocode     pseudorandom number     push     Push Down List     queue     quick-and-dirty     quine     RACE     RAD     random testing     Rapid Application Development     rapid prototyping     read-eval-print loop     Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling     real-time structured analysis     record     recursion     re-entrant     refactoring     reference counting     referential transparency     refuctoring     refutable     register spilling     regression testing     release     REM     Remote Method Invocation     Remote Procedure Call     REP     repeat loop     REPL     repository     request for proposal     requirements     Requirements Acquisition and Controlled Evolution     Requirements Engineering     ResEdit     return from interrupt     revision     RFC 1014     RM-ODP     RTS     run-time error     run-time library     run-time system     sanity check     SAPI     sausage code     save     save as     scalar     scar tissue code     Scheme     schrödinbug     scope     SDI     SDLC     seek     segment     selector     semaphore     Semidetached Mode     separate compilation     serialise     service     ShapeTools     shell script     shell variable     signature     simultaneous shipment     single assignment     Single Document Interface     singleton variable     SLD resolution     smart     snap     software     Software BackPlane     software enabling     software engineering     software life-cycle     Software Methodology     software metric     software rot     Software through Pictures     software tool     source code     source-level debugger     spaghetti code     spaghetti inheritance     spaghetti with meatballs code     spam     Speech Application Programming Interface     Speech Recognition Application Program Interface     spin     spiral model     splash screen     SQLWindows     stack     stack overflow     stack pointer     stack traceback     stale pointer bug     standard input/output     statement     static     static analysis     static nested scope     static typing     static variable     stdio.h     stream     string     stringly typed     strong typing     struct     structured design     structure diagram     structured programming     stub     subject     subject-oriented programming     subroutine     subtype     Swing     SWI-Prolog     Swiss Army Code     switch     switch statement     synthesis     system call     Systems Analysis Definition     Systems Application Architecture     Systems Development Life Cycle     tagged types     tail recursion     tail recursion modulo cons     tail recursion optimisation     Telephone Application Program Interface     Telephony Application Programming Interface     template code     ternary     test-driven development     The Dojo Toolkit     The story of Mel, a Real Programmer     threaded code     thread-safe     thunk     tight loop     time shifting     Tk     top-down design     Top-Down Model     Tornado     toto     toy program     transfer     transfer of control     Transport Layer Interface     TRON     tuple     Turbo Debugger     type     type inference     uid     UIS     unary     uncurrying     undefined     underflow     Unicorny     Uniface     unification     union     universal thunk     untyped     usability     Use the Source Luke     variable     vector     version     Vienna Development Method     Vienna Development Method Specification Language     ViewPoints     virtual 86 mode     Virtual Software Factory     visit     Visual Basic for Applications     Visual Component Library     volatile     volatile variable     Wafe     walk     walk off the end of     Watcom VX*REXX     Waterfall Model     weak typing     Web Services     Web Services Business Process Execution Language     while loop     white box testing     wild card     Win32     winged comments     wombat     workaround     wrapper     xdbx     X-Designer     Year 2000     Yoda condition     You aren't gonna need it     Yourdon     Yourdon/Constantine     Yourdon/Demarco     Yourdon methodology     zero assignment     ZF expression